Health Care Choices for Elderly, Disabled

Close up view of a medicare card.

Close up view of a medicare card.

There are a number of options for health insurance for the elderly and disabled.

A story on outlines the various choices.

Medicare is available for those over 65 or who have been disabled for two years. There are a few options including traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage. With traditional Medicare, most also purchase a supplemental plan as traditional Medicare pays only 80 percent of costs of health care.

Private insurance may cover more than Medicare in some cases, but is likely to be very expensive unless obtained through a job.

Coverage may also be available under the Affordable Care Act, for those ineligible for Medicare because of age. The premiums vary and depend on income, but most plans have high deductibles. However, those with preexisting conditions who don’t qualify for Medicare may find ACA, also known as Obamacare, their only option.

Medicaid is the insurance program of last resort for the poor.

Your elder care attorney can help you sort through the confusion.

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  1. Ridley Fitzgerald

    Thanks for the information about elder health care. I didn’t know that private insurances could cover more than Medicare, but would be more expensive. It sounds like getting it through a job would be a pretty good option!


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